What is this website ?

This website is a collection of links to IPython/Jupyter notebooks. Contrary to other galleries (such as the one on nbviewer and the wakari gallery), this collection is continuously updated with notebooks submitted by users. It also uses the twitter API to fetch new notebooks daily. Please note that this website does not contain nor host any notebooks, only offers links to relevant notebooks.

Why did you make this website ?

Have you seen the amazing stuff people are making with IPython/Jupyter notebooks ? It will blow your mind! So I needed a place where I could find more of these amazing notebooks. For now it's a simple website that displays the latests and most viewed Notebooks, however in the future I would like it to have searching and categorization features.

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Can I say something ?

Sure!. I'd love to hear some feedback. If it's an issue with the website feel free to open an issue here. You can also email me at f@bianp.net.